5 Tips for Managing & Coping with Stress During COVID-19

Thousands of families participate in Champions for Children’s programs every year. We know that many of you struggle with feeling socially isolated, having limited access to resources, and having significant financial and other domestic stress. Even for those who don’t, parenting can still be daunting — especially in the face of unprecedented challenges like COVID-19!

Knowing how to relieve stress is a key factor in preventing the release of that stress onto your children in a negative way. Here are some tips to help you relieve stress: 

      1. Know the facts

Follow updates from local, state and federal officials to learn the facts of COVID-19. Knowing the facts is the best way to help protect yourself and your family. 

      2. Keep things in perspective

We are following all of the policies and recommendations from our local, state and federal officials. Having little to no control over certain things in your life can be stressful. Focusing on the things in your life you can control will help your mental wellness. 

      3. Keep yourself and your family healthy

Eat healthy, well-balanced meals

Being quarantined can cause us to snack on things that aren’t healthy. Planning and putting effort into making sure you and your family eat healthy meals and snacks gives your body the strength it needs to stay strong. Let the kids join in the fun of preparing dinner. Building positive memories during hard times helps families see the positive in the middle of a crisis.

Avoid excessive amounts of caffeine

Research shows that you should not exceed 400 milligrams or 4 cups of coffee per day. Try spreading out your coffee intake throughout the day to help avoid drinking too much.

Exercise regularly 

Exercise helps keep your blood flowing and your body healthy. You can make exercising a family affair. Set a time during the day for you and your family to work out. It helps build a strong family bond.

Get enough sleep and rest  

Sleep and rest can help you think clearly. They also help children and adults relieve stress. 

      4. Limit news and social media consumption

While it is important to stay up-to-date on COVID-19, it is also important for our mental health to take breaks from news and social media around this topic. Hearing about COVID-19 repeatedly can be upsetting. 

      5. Communicate with others

Social distancing has caused us to isolate ourselves from in-person connections. Take time to communicate with family and friends by phone or video call. Many of the Champions for Children programs are still available on an individual, small group or virtual basis. Review our previous blog and reach out to our programs directly to see which services are available to meet your needs.

Stay safe and strong 

Managing and coping with stress during a time of crisis isn’t easy. Champions for Children has been a resource in the community for children and families for decades. During COVID-19, we are available to lend a helping hand or ear. Times are uncertain with COVID-19, but together we will get through it.