Entering parenthood can be exciting and scary at once. Learning all you can may seem like a daunting task. Kids don’t come with instructions, but Champions is here to help with our virtual parenting classes, workshops and developmental playgroups. When it comes to the life-changing ordeal of parenthood, finding a group of like-minded individuals going through the same thing can be a huge help — and that’s what Champions parenting classes and playgroups provide. Playgroups are great for parents/caregivers and their children. They allow children to build their social skills while interacting with children in their age group. The classes and playgroups are offered via the Zoom platform and registration is required to participate. Here are just a few of our upcoming classes, workshops and playgroups. 

Boot Camp for New Dads 

This is a one day workshop that prepares dads for fatherhood. You will learn from “Veteran” dads how to hold and comfort your baby, how to handle issues like work hours, sleep, safety and 

dealing with relatives. The course content for Boot Camp for New Dads is based on experiences of thousands of Boot Camp veterans.

The next workshop is this Saturday, June 27th, 2020 from 9:30am-12:30pm. Click here to register. After you register, we will contact you with directions to log on to the online workshop as well as picking up class materials

Boot Camp for New Moms 

During Boot Camp for New Moms, new mothers (and their babies) share real-world insight, advice, and experiences about navigating the first months of parenthood. You’ll hear how different women and families handle the challenges that almost all new parents face. Topics covered are as follows:


  • Work/life balance, handling family and friends
  • Going back to work or staying home and childcare
  • Parenting as a team
  • Breastfeeding, or not, and what that looks like in the real world
  • Changes new moms face (physical, hormonal, mental, etc.) and how that impacts everything
  • New dads and how they bond with baby
  • Reinforcing your relationship before – and reconnecting after – baby arrives

The next workshop is this Saturday, June 27th, 2020. Click here to register. Once you have registered, we will contact you with the link for the online workshop as well as to coordinate picking up the class materials.

Newborn Care Classes

In this class you will learn how to make your baby feel safe and cared for. You will be taught the ways to diaper, bathe, dress and feed your baby. You will also understand the reasons why talking with your baby can strengthen your bond and help your baby feel secure.

This class is held on the last Sunday of each month. The next class is held this Sunday, June 28th from 1pm-4pm. Click here to register! An email with instructions will be sent after signing up. If you have any questions, please contact Amy at 813-673-4646 x 1227.

Childbirth Express

This is a one-day class with 3-days worth of information about comfort measures, stages of labor, birth plan, newborn procedures, and more for new parents and caregivers! 

The class is held on the third Saturday of each month. The next class is on Saturday, July 18th, 2020 from 10am-2pm. To register click here. Please note: signing up on Eventbrite does not ensure you a seat. Please call Layla’s House at (813) 443-5004 to complete registration.

My First Year

My First Year is for new caregivers and their babies up to 12 months. Join us as we have our Child Developmental Specialist share about baby’s cues, play, developmental milestones, and more! We’d love to support you as you navigate your baby’s first year of life. Below are a list and description of each playgroup and workshop available. Register for our free virtual playgroups and workshops via Eventbrite

Baby & Me Crawlers or Baby and Me Pre-Crawlers are for parents/caregivers and babies, newborn to confidently walking. The experiences offered support babies’ social, emotional, physical and cognitive development through sensory materials, songs and positive interactions.

Growing Together for children 12-24 months of age and their parents/caregivers targets the developmental domains of cognitive (language, math and more), physical, social and emotional development. Using music, rhymes, stories and other developmentally appropriate activities, caregivers will be supported while playing and learning with their children.    

Wonder Years for children 24-36 months of age and their parents/caregivers, uses play, music, stories and more to foster toddlers’ growing independence, self-regulation and curiosity during the ‘teachable twos’.

Creative Learning is for children 36 to 60 months of age and their parents/caregivers and is designed to promote children’s critical thinking, problem solving and creativity through discovery and play.

Little Amigos is for children 24-48 months of age and their parents/caregivers, exposes children to Spanish through music, singing, rhymes and activities using conversational phrases. 

TALK. READ. SING. Tampa Bay Community Engagement Event

TALK READ SING Tampa Bay is a community awareness campaign out of Champions for Children that is focused on educating Tampa Bay parents that learning does not begin at kindergarten–but much earlier! TALK READ SING Tampa Bay focuses on the importance of developing a child’s brain by talking, reading and singing beginning at birth.

During this event, parents and caregivers will learn how to make “everyday moments matter” by talking, reading, and singing to the child (ages Newborn to 3) in ways that support brain development and help build attachment.

There are 10 family spots in-person available. This is meant to be a parent-child together event, however the child doesn’t have to be present in order for you to participate and gain this wonderful information. 

To register for this event click here. This event will also be streamed live on our Talk Read Sing Tampa Bay Facebook page. 

5-Week Inspiring Cooperation Workshop

This workshop series is a five-week discussion group that will help you as a caregiver choose and tailor strategies to encourage your child follow instructions and to cooperate with daily routines. Parents and caregivers will walk away feeling confident of how to provide instructions, increase motivation, and have “back-up” instructions when needed.

This group is for parents and caregivers:

  • Of children aged 18 months-10 years old
  • Looking for support in parenting
  • Willing to try new approaches to parenting

Call to register and reserve your space at 813-673-4646 x5101. Pre-registration is required. The next 5-week workshop starts on July 27, 2020 from 10am-12pm.  

*This class is also offered in Spanish – please call to schedule 

Enhancing Your Potty Training Powers with Toilet Training 101

This is a one-time seminar designed to ease your concerns and increase success with toilet training. This course includes: Signs of Readiness, How to Prepare for Toilet Training, How to Teach Toilet Training, and How to Continue Toilet Training.

This 2-hour seminar is designed for parents and caregivers working to achieve daytime dryness in children over 20 months. Registration is required and space is limited. The next class is on Wednesday, July 15, 2020 from 2pm-4pm. Call (813) 673-4646 ext. 5101 to register today. 

*This class is also offered in Spanish – please call to schedule

9-Week Positive Parenting Partnership Workshop Series

Join our in depth Workshop Series to learn how to implement positive parenting strategies.This workshop series will help you grow more confident and competent in overcoming parenting challenges. You will also learn how to better communicate with your significant other, how to support each other and manage family stress.This parenting group meets for 2.5-hours for 9 consecutive weeks.

Group Triple P will provide you with strategies that can be used every day to help your child:

  • Follow directions
  • Develop independence
  • Play well with others
  • Express themselves appropriately
  • Accept rules and limits

This group is for parent(s)/caregiver(s):

  • Of children aged 18 months-12 years
  • Looking for support in parenting
  • Willing to try new approaches to parenting

This 9-week group begins on Tuesday, July 9, 2020 from 10am-12:30pm. Pre-registration is required. Call (813) 673-4646 ext. 5101 today to register!

Champions for Children is here to help you prepare for each stage of your child’s growth. We offer parenting support, classes, playgroups and workshops for parents and caregivers who are currently expecting or looking for ways to help their child with everyday tasks. If you are looking for additional support, please reach out to us via our Warmline by calling 813-673-4646, Monday-Friday from 10am-6pm.