6 Outdoor Activities for Kids

Using outdoor play as a learning opportunity

As the weather begins to warm back up, being outside is a must in Florida! Outdoor play can be fun for children of all ages. Though sometimes it can be challenging to come up with activities to keep your child engaged in outdoor play activities. Setting up a structured activity for them can lead to longer and more engaged free play afterward. Not sure what activities to do with your kids? Here are a few age-appropriate ideas.  

Outdoor Play Ideas for Babies

1. Play with bubbles 

Bubbles are an excellent way to help your baby develop visual skills. Bubbles are both eye-catching and slow-moving and are a great way to help your little one learn to use their eyes and develop these skills.  

2. Take a nature walk

Babies really enjoy looking at all the new sights when you go outside. This activity allows you to talk to your baby about what’s around them and give words to describe what they’re hearing. “Do you hear the birds chirping?” As you narrate what your baby is experiencing, you’re helping with language development. 

3. Splash in water

Water play develops motor skills and sensory exploration. Allow your baby to splash, pour, and create waves. This enhances their creativity and imagination.

Outdoor Play Ideas for Toddlers

1. Roll a ball 

Ball play helps children’s fine motor skills like grasping objects, eye-hand coordination, and the ability to move objects from one hand to another. Rolling a ball back and forth, playing soccer or basketball allows your child to learn about the properties of balls: They bounce, roll, are easy to move, and can be difficult to keep still. 

2. Paint with water

Water painting provides hours of imaginative play and helps your toddler or preschooler to build their creativity. You can use your fence or a piece of cardboard for this activity. 

3. Go to a u-pick farm

This activity will invite your children to see how their favorite fruits are harvested. Your child will take pride in the items they pick and as a parent, you get to watch how excited they become by learning to do something new.

Outdoor play may seem overwhelming or lacking in learning opportunities, but with a plan and structured activities, the benefits are endless. Playing outside offers infinite learning opportunities, social interactions, and physical health benefits for your children.

Outdoor Play Activities for Toddlers
Benefits of Outdoor Play for Children