Our Baby Bungalow program recently introduced a new parenting group called, “Parenting 2s & 3s.” The group began in October and has been supporting families with navigating the Teachable Two’s and Thinkable Three’s and more!

Paula Wyne, Baby Bungalow Program director says, “The intention of our ‘lite’ support group is to provide an opportunity for parents and caregivers to share ideas, ask questions, and offer personal experiences with the support of a facilitator to share early learning and child development information that’s grounded in research and data.”

The group is led by our child development experts. Parents currently in the group noted the desire to parent more positively than they had been, opportunities/activities for learning at home, and positive discipline. The child development expert will share helpful research-proven tips, articles, podcasts, and videos to help the group reach their parenting goals. 

Parenting support groups remind parents that they are not alone. Parenting is one of the hardest and most important jobs anyone can do. Every stage along the way brings more questions and difficult choices.  Are you currently parenting a teachable two-year-old or a thinkable three-year-old? This group may be helpful for you! To join the next group session, click here to sign up! 

Below are some helpful articles and a podcast that the child development expert of the parenting group has shared with the participants.