Halloween Sensory Play

Fun Activities to Celebrate Halloween with your Little Ones

Halloween sensory play

Halloween can be such a fun holiday for kids. Between dressing up as their favorite characters and getting their favorite candies, it’s all around fun for the family! Like anything that gets kids excited and engaged, it’s also a great opportunity to learn: so why not add some sensory play into the mix of Halloween?

Sensory play is an awesome hands-on tool for children to learn about their world and their senses! It encourages the development of motor skills, language development and helps grow your child’s problem solving skills. Check out these activities you can try at home with your little ones to celebrate Halloween this year. 

Halloween Sensory Activities

1. Halloween Squishy Balls (6 months +)

Squishing and squeezing Halloween balls is a relaxing sensory activity for everyone! All you need is a Halloween colored balloon, a sharpie to draw on the balloon, and something to fill the balloon with like Flour, Corn Kernels, or Dried Beans. Pour the filling inside using a funnel and you have the perfect Halloween squishy ball. You can try different textures inside and allow your child to explore them all!  

2. Playdough Monster (3 years old +)

If you’re looking for a sensory activity that promotes creativity and hand-eye coordination, play dough is the way to go! Create playdough monsters and add props like googly eyes, hats, and more! 

3. Halloween Shaving Cream (2 years old +)

Shaving cream is a fan favorite amongst most kids. It’s a great sensory material to play with and it’s super easy to clean up too. For this activity, all you need is a tray, shaving cream, and orange food coloring. Add the shaving cream and food coloring to a tray and you’re all set! Let your child take it from here to create fun Halloween designs!

4. Pumpkin Sensory Bag (6 months +)

Carving pumpkins is fun, but the gooey insides are even more fun for kids to explore! For this sensory activity, take the insides of a pumpkin and place them inside of a ziplock bag for mess-free sensory fun!

There are so many fun ways to enjoy Halloween with kids! Halloween sensory play also doesn’t have to be hard to set up or expensive either. The dollar store has great options for seasonal sensory items. Have a great Halloween weekend!