Hispanic Heritage Month is an annual event celebrating the richness of Hispanic culture and heritage. Each year from September 15 through October 15, Hispanic heritage is recognized, along with the achievements of Hispanics in history. It’s a wonderful time to pass on the beauty of Hispanic culture to children of Hispanic descent or expose any child to learning about a diverse group of people and new cultures. In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month and celebrating Hispanic culture, check out this video from our Little Amigos Playgroup hosted by Layla’s House.


Layla’s House hosts their “Little Amigos” class virtually each Friday at 11:30am. This facilitator-led playgroup exposes our Little Amigos, aged 2 to 5 years old, to the Spanish language through music, singing, rhymes and activities using conversational phrases. Classes will return in-person at a to be determined date. 

The class begins with a welcome song where our facilitator welcomes everyone by name. Each week has a new topic that the children and their families participate in that incorporates counting, identifying colors, singing and drawing. For more information on how to join this playgroup, contact Layla’s House at 813-443-5004.