Marta’s Story

Reunited with family in a new country

mom and son

Marta relocated from Mexico to Tampa with her three-year-old son to reunite with her husband and oldest daughter. At that time, her son was experiencing severe developmental delays. This stress, combined with being in a new country with few supporters was hard on her family.

Marta enrolled in our Parents as Teachers home visiting program, where her Parent Educator helped her arrange to see a neurologist who confirmed a diagnosis of Autism. At first, Marta was scared, but her Parent Educator guided her family through the process of grieving, accepting, and working through the challenges. Marta came to realize that her child’s progress would depend on the love, care, and support he received at home.

After just one year of ongoing home visits, Marta’s son is now speaking, following directions, learning names, and more – all things he could not do before! Marta is doing great, too – she now embraces her role as a consistent, loving, and attached mother for her son, working closely with her family and their Parent Educator to ensure him a bright future.