New Year, New Balance

Tips to help balance work and home life while raising kids

As a working parent, it can be challenging to manage work, family/friend commitments, and raising children. Work-life balance is the relationship between your work and the other important things in your life. If you feel like you need more time to balance all of the things in your life, check out these tips below to help balance out your work and personal life responsibilities. 

5 tips that can help you with your work-life balance while raising kids:

1. Ask for help 

Even in today’s world, it takes a village to raise a child. Don’t be afraid to ask those closest to you to pitch in. You can even trade favors with other parents. For example, you can drop the kids off at school in the morning while they pick them up from school in the afternoon.  

2. Realize perfection is not attainable.

There’s no such this as a perfect parent or employee. You will make mistakes, but that’s okay! Try to give yourself some grace to help decrease your stress. 

3. Try to negotiate family-friendly work arrangements.

Family-friendly work arrangements can help you improve your work-life balance. See if there are options for working from home, working flexible or part-time hours that allow you more time to focus on your home life. 

4. Set Boundaries.

It’s impossible to be everything to everyone. Setting boundaries around your work, social and family life allows you to be present in the moment with each of your responsibilities. 

5. Routines are key.

Routines give children a sense of security and stability and has similar effects on adults. Create a routine to mark the physical, mental and emotional move from employee to parent. It can be as simple as changing out of your work clothes. If you work from home, try resetting by going for a walk around the neighboorhood or a meditation session. 

When you have a good work-life balance, you’re more likely to have the mental and emotional energy to give your children the loving attention they need to develop, learn and thrive. A well-balanced family life can also help you enjoy life, manage stress, and prevent burnout at work. Be sure to start with baby steps to build your work-life balance by setting small and specific goals to help you progress successfully.