Champions’ Parents as Teachers program has impacted the lives of their client families even more deeply throughout the pandemic. Stress and isolation from the pandemic has led parents and caregivers to need more support than before. Routines have been interrupted and daily schedules look a little different these days. Our Parent Educators have been there every step of the way throughout these times. In-person home visits have been paused, but our parent educators have continued meeting with families virtually to ensure they feel supported during the pandemic.  

Hear what some of our participant families have to say about what PAT has meant to them during this difficult time!

Parent, Margeaux Chavez, expresses how Parents as Teachers has helped her and her family keep a sense of consistency during the pandemic. 


Parent, Rosalyn Suckan, expresses how supportive and helpful her parent educator has been during the pandemic. 

“During this pandemic my home visitor has been very helpful and supportive. Whenever I’m feeling stressed or anxious she finds ways to help me through my issues. She makes me feel at ease. She provides a tone of helpful information to help keep me educated during pregnancy. I know that if I ever feel worried during this pandemic I can always reach out to her and count on her to help me throughout this pregnancy process as well as making sure I can be the best mom to my new born baby.”

Our Parents as Teachers program has found new ways to support children and families in the face of COVID-19. Social isolation, limited access to resources, financial strain, and other types of domestic stress – even in the short term – can have long-lasting impacts on children and families we serve. Champions’ Parents as Teachers program is committed to helping families in need throughout the pandemic and beyond. For more information, visit their Facebook page for tips, classes and fun virtual events!