Champions’ Community Initiative 

Talking, Reading, and Singing to your child has an important role in your child’s brain development and the trajectory of their lives. Many families lack access to the types of resources that can help them make the most of these language-building experiences. This is why Champions for Children started the community initiative, TALK READ SING Tampa Bay.

TALK READ SING Tampa Bay is a community initiative of Champions for Children that encourages you as a parent/caregiver to talk, read, and sing your babies from the moment of birth, by informing you of the lifelong impacts of those interactions. Since 2020, staff in all of our programs have been trained in the TALK READ SING Tampa Bay model, which gives you activities to do at home that welcome back and forth dialogue between you and your child. We also work with community partner organizations like the Laundry Project and Bess the Book Bus who help us spread the word!

Current research shows that learning begins at birth, not at school entry. Babies with low levels of one-to-one interaction fall measurably behind at 18 months and have a more difficult time catching up to their peers. In short: those that fall behind early are more likely to stay behind. 

Talking, reading, singing, and playing with your child are simple but powerful ways to develop the brain architecture in your child’s brain while also building secure attachments between you and your child. These benefits provide the foundation for a healthy parent-child relationship as well as your child’s ability to learn. Relationships with consistent, caring adults in the early years are associated with healthier behaviors, positive peer interactions, increased ability to cope with stress, and better school performance. Talking, reading, singing, and playing flow naturally from connections and understanding, and support early brain development, which is the foundation for learning.

You are your child’s first teacher and primary level of support, protection, safety, and growth. Each time you interact with your child, you fill their brains with words and thoughts that make all the difference to their happiness and future. It’s never too late to help your child learn! 

If you are interested in learning more about TALK READ SING Tampa Bay or becoming part of our network of Community Partners, reach out to Jenna Ramos at or visit our website at

TALK READ SING is also accepting donations for their library here at Champions! If you are interested in donating books, please visit our Amazon Wish List at: