What is concrete support?

All families need help sometimes and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. In times of need, families will often turn to other family members or friends. While these types of social supports are important, some needs may require the kinds of support that are more readily provided in a professional and/or organizational setting. That’s where “concrete supports,” come into play and it could mean everything from survival needs like food and financial assistance to one-on-one or group-based classes to help cope with the stress of parenting. Concrete supports allow you to maintain security and ensure that you are able to meet your child’s daily needs. Champions for Children is always here to help families in need, and especially during this time. 

Champions partners with parents like you to help you and your family become the strongest you can be, and to overcome the stress and challenges that can lead to adverse childhood experiences including in the most severe cases child abuse and neglect. Providing concrete supports may also help prevent the unintended neglect that sometimes occurs when you are struggling to provide basic needs such as housing, clothing, food or transportation for your children.

Knowing when to ask for help

Asking for help can be a very difficult thing to do and you may not be aware that you truly do need help. You may not know what is available to you through various programs and government agencies. You may feel you have to solve problems on your own. Being able to recognize the need for assistance and being willing to ask for help can greatly benefit your family. If the health and well-being of your children and family are at risk because of a lack of resources such as money, food, and medical assistance, it is time to reach out for help. Even if your basic needs are met, you may still be stressed out or facing other challenges that Champions can help you with – no matter how big or small the need, it is ALWAYS a good time to reach out for concrete support! 

Champions offers parenting support through virtual classes like, “Managing Money in Uncertain Times” or “Surviving Family Quarantine 101”. Parenting doesn’t come with a handbook – especially during a pandemic – But Champions for Children’s new “warm line” is just a phone call away. The “warm line” is answered during these hours by one of our parenting experts who will answer your questions, share advice, help you enroll in our programs, or connect you hassle-free to someone who can. If they’re on the other line, leave a message and you’ll hear back shortly! For personalized parenting support at no cost, give us a call at: (813) 673-4646 Monday – Friday from 10AM-6PM. 

Strengthening Families Through Community

As a parent, when you are not overburdened with concern about meeting your family’s basic needs (for food, clothing, housing, and transportation), you have more time and energy to devote to your children’s well-being. If you are feeling like your basic needs are not met and it is making it difficult to be the best parent you can be, it’s a good idea to take advantage of some community resources that can help. Here are some resources you may want to explore: 


Virtual Education/Learning Resources:


Financial Assistance – Rent, Basic Needs & Income Assistance:

Food/Meal Assistance (Free):

How to Collect Your Stimulus Check:

For the full list of resources provided by the Healthy Start Coalition, see the document below. Having access to concrete support in times of need is vital to ensuring your basic needs are met to prevent the stress that sometimes leads to adverse childhood events. 

Resources for Families during Covid 4-21-20