For the past year, Champions for Children has participated as the lead community partner serving families with children aged 0-60 months in an innovative initiative called “Growing Up Great in Town N Country.” Growing Up Great is a collaboration that brings together families, preschools, elementary schools and community partners to break down silos and change the way we work together to prepare children in Tampa’s Town N Country community for lifelong success. Today, we are proud to share the 2018-19 Community Impact Report for the project’s first year!

In our continuing efforts to support caregivers in preparing their children for success, Champions for Children provides developmental playgroups held at the old Boys & Girls Club Neighborhood Center. This is a time where caregivers learn new activities that strengthen their child’s development and increase parent-child attachment. Our playgroups provide supportive environments where caregivers can see what quality engagement looks like and practice it amongst peers. With our direct involvement, 90% of parents say that their parenting skills increase after participating in our program.

Our parents provide weekly feedback to help us continually improve our program, and this is what one parent had to say…

“This program is so important to help us prepare our children for school and life. It’s already having a significant, positive impact in Town and Country. We must continue working together to promote it and achieve all its objectives for student and school success. —Annette, Parent”
The Growing Up Great initiative is new and expects to be able to measure its impact more fully as more and more children participate for multiple years before entering Kindergarten. However, we have already begun to encouraging increases in Kindergarten readiness and advanced student and school achievement!

Champions for Children is proud to play a key role in implementing “Strategy #1,” described on Page 10 of this report, and excited to continue working together with our partners to drive this innovative project forward in 2020 and beyond. Want to learn more? Take a look through the report and let us know what you think!