Leading Florida in Child Abuse and Neglect is Unacceptable

Its long-lasting, detrimental impact to our community is preventable.

Many people do not realize that child abuse and neglect are serious issues in our community. The effects of these traumas stay with children far beyond childhood, which in turn affects how they contribute to society as adults and impacts our entire community. It doesn’t have to be this way — there is hope for change through the programs of Champions for Children.

young woman smiling at the camera and holding her infant son

How We Help

Champions’ programs build positive attachment and parental confidence that protect against child abuse and neglect. Our continuum of services includes family education, individualized support, parent-child educational programs and community education. Our goal is to be there from prenatal through high school graduation for families who need help the most.

How Our Help Makes a Difference

For over 45 years, we have been working across Tampa Bay to strengthen families and create a healthy environment for children to grow up. Our programs not only keep children safe, but ensure they can grow successfully and fulfill their potential, leading to a Tampa Bay that is better for everyone.

preschool age children shouting in joy

How You Can Contribute

We rely on the support of private individuals, corporations, and foundations to continue our free and low-cost programs, classes and support.