Supporting Every Child, Every Family

Every parent needs help from time to time.

We offer services for every family, from those who just need a little extra help to those who are deeply struggling with risk factors like substance abuse, health issues, domestic violence, financial hardship, or chronic stress. Regardless of the circumstance, we help parents and caregivers to become the best they can be so their child develops into the best person they can be — healthy, happy, productive members of society.

young mother receiving guidance
“At champions, we know that families are the most precious assets in our communities – so we walk alongside parents and caregivers to provide them with the supports they need to be the best role model in their child’s life.”
Maggie Sanchez, Program Manager

How Do We Prevent Child Abuse?

Provide Parents with Education and Support

One of the most important ways we make a better world for children is by making sure their parents have the knowledge, tools, and resources they need to provide a positive environment. We provide education and individualized support to help families reduce their sources of stress, build positive attachments, and enhance their understanding of healthy child development.

young mother receiving guidance from a counselor
mother smiling at a young boy while playing with her son in a play group

Work with Parents and Children Together to Build Strong Bonds

Our “two-generation” parent-child educational programs support parents/caregivers and children and the special relationship that they share. We offer essential resources for children to develop their social and emotional skills and foster parental confidence and knowledge by allowing parents to watch, understand and become a part of their kids’ growth.

Raise Understanding & Awareness in Our Community

We provide education and resources to children, adults and institutions in our community on how we can work together to build strong families with thriving children. From children who find the courage to come forward about abuse to local doctors who talk to patients about their child’s development, our community education initiatives help make Tampa Bay a better place to grow up.

dad and daughter speaking to a pediatrician

Our Methodology

Flexible Programming

We know that every family has different needs, and those needs can shift over time. We strive to meet every family where they are by providing a wide range of options in multiple locations throughout our community, at flexible times and with English and Spanish options.

Practical Knowledge

From breastfeeding classes to educational playgroups, our programming provides families with everyday skills, knowledge, and resources they can use to build parental confidence and ensure healthy child development.

Experienced Specialists

Our staff are certified in their specialties and highly trained in working with diverse populations, so families can count on high-quality support delivered with warmth, respect, and understanding.

Personal Attention

We build real relationships with families and children, finding out how best to help in their time of need and providing individualized support.

Help Us Continue Our Support

We are the only organization in Florida that is solely dedicated to preventing child abuse and neglect. We need your help to continue strengthening families in our community.