5 Tips to Prepare your Child for the First Day of School


It’s Back-to-School season again! August 10th starts the school year in Hillsborough County. While excitement might be in the air over new clothes and school supplies, it’s only natural for kids — and parents — to have a few worries about changing routines and heading back to the classroom.

Don’t worry! There are some things you can do to prepare and make your child’s first day go by without a hitch. Here are 5 tips for preparing your child for the first day of school. 

1. Go to the school’s Open House/Orientation 

Before the first day, most schools host an open house or orientation to give students and parents a chance to meet the teacher, see their classroom and even meet some of their classmates. This is an amazing opportunity for your child to become acclimated and for you as the parent to learn about opportunities to support during the upcoming school year.

2. Read Books about Going to School

Books are a great way to explore and learn. Check out these books to help soothe your child’s nervousness about returning to or beginning school for the first time. Reading can also help open the floor for questions and dialog with your child about what to expect about going to school. 

3. Practice Getting Ready

When preparing for any big event, practice always makes things go a lot smoother. School preparation is no different. Help your child feel prepared by going through all of the steps of getting ready for school. Pretend it’s a school day, and go through the motions of getting up, dressed, fed, and out the door. 

4. Go Back-to-School Shopping

Back-to-school clothes and items make returning or going to school for the first time fun! The ritual of shopping for outfits or the perfect backpack is something your child will grow to look forward to each year. Even a “new to you” item will have meaning when it is designated especially for back to school.

You can also make back-to-school shopping fun with a grocery trip to pick out their lunch items and snacks for the first week of school. The day before school, stay engaged by talking about the upcoming week while packing the lunches together.

5. Make Breakfast a Priority

Eating a healthy breakfast sets the tone for a great day. Kids who eat a good solid breakfast are more alert during school. Try to avoid letting your child fill up on sugar. Be sure to include some protein, fruit, dairy and whole grains.

The first day of school can help set the tone for the whole year. With these tips and your own parental intuition, we are sure you and your child will be well on your way to a successful school year!

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