CEO Amy Haile Named Florida Boss for Babies 

The Children’s Movement of Florida recently announced that Champions for Children CEO Dr. Amy Haile has been named one Florida’s Bosses for Babies.  

Children’s Movement of Florida created the Bosses for Babies statewide initiative to boost workforce and community prosperity through family-focused practices. The movement seeks to do that by engaging business leaders’ influence and expertise.  

The organization specifically noted Haile for her leadership in employee benefit satisfaction and work-life balance.  

According to the Florida Chamber, nearly $5.4 billion dollars in the state’s economic value is lost each year. This is due to working parents being absent from jobs while focusing on providing childcare for their children under six years old.  

Haile says, “At Champions for Children, babies are our business.” Haile cites the ongoing commitment Champions holds to both supporting families and supporting Champions employees in meeting the organization’s mission.  

Learn more about Bosses for Babies and Haile’s role online at The Children’s Movement of Florida.