Lillian’s Story

A family finding joy and support in parenting after a traumatic loss

Champions’ Layla’s House program provides a warm environment where families in the Sulphur Springs neighborhood can gather to learn together and access a wide range of resources that help young children feel safe, nurtured, and supported to truly thrive.

Lillian first came to Layla’s House as an excited mom-to-be, participating in our Baby University prenatal education course. A few weeks in, she disappeared from the class and never came back. Staff were surprised, concerned, and tried hard to reach her, but were unsuccessful.

Fast forward to 2022, Lillian walked back through the doors of Layla’s House, pregnant again, and shared the devastating news that she had lost her previous pregnancy at a late stage, and subsequently suffered from depression and other challenges. From that moment on, Lillian says, Layla’s House became her house – the place she knew she could always go for support, no matter the problem. The classes and groups gave her a strong support system, a place to make new friends going through the same parenting experiences as her, and opportunities to celebrate the joy of her new baby after suffering a traumatic loss years before.

Lillian, her husband, and their daughter Rosie remain Layla’s House regulars, and see the program as a pillar for their family. For a first-hand look at what Champions’ programs mean to families in our community, check out Lillian’s story below.