Champions for Children

New Board Member Announcement

 Champions for Children is pleased to announce the election of two new members to our Board of Directors. We are excited and grateful for the unique skills and expertise that these dedicated individuals will bring to our mission of building stronger families in Tampa Bay. Please join us in welcoming Tamica Thomas Simpson and Honorable Dorothy A. Brown Cook!

Tamica Thomas Simpson 

Mrs. Simpson earned her Master of Accountancy from the Lynn Pippenger School of Accountancy at the University of South Florida. She is the Financial Administrator for Hillsborough Classroom Teachers Association. She has worked in education for over 20 years in clerical, teaching, advocacy, and finance. She also has extensive participation in working with multiple community organizations. Tamica’s goal is to use her expert financial knowledge to support Champions for Children fulfill its mission and goals. 

I am excited to join the Board at Champions for Children because my life has been impacted by the type of services that Champions provides. I became a mom at the age of 20 many years ago and had no clue what that really meant. I now had another human being whose entire existence depended on me. I was NOT ready! BUT…. I had a lot of folks who loved me and pointed me in the right direction. There were so many resources like lactation classes, birth classes, healthy start, CPR, and so much more. The classes that I hold dear are the lactation classes because I was able to provide my baby with direct source of nutrition which I think strengthened our bond, caused him to be healthier, and help eliminate the cost of formula. I know that Champions provides these types of opportunities and so much more to families and I am excited to be a part of making those experiences possible.

Honorable Dorothy A. Brown Cook

Ms. Brown Cook comes from humble beginnings. Her parents had limited education and were poverty-stricken, chopping and picking to make ends meet. Despite her origins, she was elected to run one of the largest court systems in the country, as the Clerk of the Circuit Court of Cook County. She was raised to love God and be excellent. Serving and excellence are her passions. Ms. Brown Cook is an Attorney and Certified Public Accountant. One of her most honorable achievements is that she is in the National Historically Black College Hall of Fame, with such notables as Dr. Martin Luther King, Justice Thurgood Marshall, and Oprah Winfrey. She is passionate about Champions for Children because it uses a preventative approach to saving children.

I am really fascinated and impressed with the mission and the prevention aspect of Champions for Children. They are making a difference by teaching moms and dads about how to be a better parent by learning about child development and how to handle common behavioral issues. This is one of the few organizations that help people improve and society as a whole.