New Playgroup at Layla’s House

Creative Learning Playgroup, Ages 36-60 Months

In mid-October, Layla’s House introduced a new playgroup called “Creative Learning” for parents with children ages 36-60 months. This 8-week playgroup creates an opportunity for parents and their children to learn together through play with activities that activate their children’s critical thinking skills, problem-solving skills, and creativity through exploration and play.

This cohort will be focused on taking trips around the world, and this week our group took a trip to visit Europe! They sang songs, read books, and created crafts that aligned with their trip to Europe, including building the Tower of Pisa using playdough, creating replicas of the Eifel Tower using straws, and reading books based in Europe! Check out some of the activities in this video: 

When children play, they explore the world—and build on their understanding of the natural and social environments around them. Using a child’s interests and motivations, open-ended activities help promote discoveries through classifying, sorting, and comparing materials. While parents are participating and interacting with their child in the group, they are guided through developmentally appropriate play experiences that foster learning with their children!

If you are currently parenting a creative toddler, this playgroup may be perfect for you! To join the next group session, call Layla’s House at 813-443-5004.