William’s Story

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Meet William – a participant of Champions for Children! When William, a single father, made the decision to join a Champions for Children’s program, he began a journey that would transform his life and that of his daughter’s.

William says that through his participation with Champions, he overcame deep-rooted issues and became the father he always wanted to be. For him and his daughter, Champions for Children was there every step of the way.

William knew he had to see himself in a different light to change things for himself and his daughter. Knowing he needed to make a change, William concluded, “You know what, I want to be the best father. What’s the best way to do that? Champions for Children.”

Champions provided the opportunities he needed to become the best father. He said he felt like part of a family. “They are there for me. I wouldn’t be the person I am or the father I am without the help from them.”

Now sober, William is committed to being fully present for his daughter. “I don’t want my daughter to know what alcohol smells like because of me. I want to show her that there’s more to life than what she thinks.”

William shares his experiences in detail.

I stand before you today, not just as a parent, but as someone who has been profoundly touched by the support and guidance provided by New Parents Network, and the Rainbow Visits initiative with Champions for Children.

When my journey into parenthood began, I was met with a mix of excitement and uncertainty. The sheer responsibility of nurturing a new life can be overwhelming. That’s when I found solace in our parenting class. The shared experiences and wealth of knowledge exchanged within those sessions were invaluable. It wasn’t just a class; it was a community that understood the challenges and joys of parenting.

The New Parents Network served as a pillar of strength during those initial sleepless nights and daunting days. The camaraderie formed with fellow parents became a lifeline, a reminder that I was not alone in this beautiful yet challenging adventure of raising a child.

However, the most impactful support came through the Rainbow Visits. The visits were more than just routine check-ins; they were a beacon of assurance. Knowing that someone cared enough to share insights, offer advice, and genuinely check on our well-being was a comforting presence in our lives.

In this journey, my sobriety has played a pivotal role. It’s not just about personal triumph; it’s about being the best father I can be for my daughter. Sobriety has allowed me to be present, to fully engage in the precious moments of parenthood, and to build a foundation of trust and love that will endure a lifetime.

So, as I reflect on the incredible support from our parenting class, the New Parents Network, and the Rainbow Visits, I am filled with gratitude. These initiatives not only equipped me with the knowledge to navigate parenthood but also surrounded me with a community that believes in the power of supporting one another…

His hopes for the future are simple but profound. “I just want to be there for her, supporting her, not just being [physically] present but mentally [present] too. If she has questions, I got you, and I won’t stop learning.”

William’s message to others is clear. “If someone wanted to get involved in Champions for Children, I would say do it. They [Champions] will work overtime to meet the needs of you and your child. They want to see the progress and are right there when you’re making your steps.”

William’s journey is a testament to the power of perseverance, support, and love. Listen to his story, linked here.

At Champions, we recognized that one of the greatest myths about dads is that they are the “second parent.” We believe that fathers and father-figures, have a great opportunity to be a bright light in their children’s lives. Our programs give fathers the needed tools to embrace positive fatherhood while coping with some of the unique fathering challenges.

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