Project Description

Let Us Help You Welcome Your Child

Providing prenatal and childbirth classes and breastfeeding support for new and expecting parents.

Expecting a child and having a newborn can mean having a lot of questions. The abcProgram prepares new and expectant parents to welcome a new child with support and education.

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We’ve had to change our programs & services due to COVID-19. Please click here for the latest information before you register.

abcProgram Services

A Breastfeeding and Childbirth (ABC) Program provides education and support to families who are expecting a child or recently welcomed a new child into their life. During this exciting time, we offer prenatal classes led by certified specialists, covering topics from what to expect during labor and delivery to preparing to be a first-time mom or dad. After a new baby arrives, our Internationally Board-Certified Lactation Consultants are here to support infant feeding goals and help manage any infant feeding challenges.

Individualized Breastfeeding Support

We offer free and comprehensive breastfeeding support at multiple “Baby Cafe” drop-in clinics throughout Hillsborough County each week. Mothers can meet with an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) for a one-on-one consultation to address breastfeeding challenges or simply to reassure that all is going well. While waiting, mothers can get to know other nursing moms who are going through the same challenges and joys.

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We offer an affordable breast pump rental program featuring Medela Hospital grade pumps.

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Classes & Workshops

Attend our unique one-time, four hour workshop that inspires and equips expecting moms and dads to become confidently engaged with their infants, support their co-parents, and personally navigate their transformation into parents. “Veteran” parents who have completed the workshop in the past work together with our facilitators to create an open and welcoming experience. Workshops are available in mom-only and dad-only formats.

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Attend our one-time 2-hour Breastfeeding Basics class to grow your breastfeeding confidence even before your baby arrives. This is also a chance to get to know our staff and some other parents who are going through the same joys as challenges as you, so you’ve got a great support system from day one.

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Our childbirth education classes offer an introduction to labor and delivery, from writing a birth plan to the role of the partner or support person, as well as helpful community resources.

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Help your baby feel safe and cared for by learning the optimal ways to diaper, bathe, dress and feed your baby. You will also learn powerful ways to strengthen the bond between you and your little one.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Prenatal classes are available to anyone who is welcoming a new baby into their life: birth parents, adoptive parents, grandparents, foster parents, or anyone else who will be taking care of a new baby.

All abcProgram services are completely free to you, with the exception of Boot Camp for New Moms/Dads, which has a $40 fee associated with it. However, your presence here is what matters to us. Fees can be waived upon request.

Our policies regarding the presence of siblings and other children at abcProgram services vary depending on the specific service, location, and staffing level on a given day. If you need to bring other children with you to a service, please call ahead to make sure we are able to accommodate – we are happy to do so when we can!

Our prenatal classes are led by staff who possess certified expertise on the specific topic they are teaching. Our Baby Cafe clinics and other breastfeeding support services are facilitated by International Board Certified Lactation Consultants, considered the gold standard level of certification for providing breastfeeding support.
Yes, please! Our IBCLCs are here to provide you with non-judgmental education to help you meet your feeding goals, whatever they may be.

We encourage partner attendance (whoever that may be!) at all of our prenatal classes, with the exception of Boot Camps which are Mom or Dad only spaces. Partners are also welcome to attend our Baby Cafe. We find that it’s quite helpful to have another set of ears and eyes to learn the information presented. When multiple families are present at the same time and some include partners, we recognize that each family’s comfort level may very, and do our best to keep everyone feeling comfortable while still allowing partners to participate.

No! Baby Cafe is an opportunity to meet one on one with an IBCLC to troubleshoot breastfeeding challenges and receive education. While at the Baby Cafe, moms have the opportunity to meet each other and talk about the joys and struggles of early parenthood. If you are looking for a new parent support group, check out what we offer on our Infants & Newborns page.