Project Description

An Early Childhood Learning & Resource Center

Providing playgroups, workshops and more for young children, parents and caregivers.

All parents want the best beginning for their children. Baby Bungalow is an early childhood resource center for parents and caregivers that helps with this important, demanding job.

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Baby Bungalow Services

New and experienced parents and caregivers alike can benefit from our wide variety of adult-child playgroups, workshops, developmental screenings, and other activities. At Baby Bungalow, we provide resources, direction, and a strong community to help you successfully raise your children. All services are for ‘any baby, any family.’


Baby & Me is a playgroup for parents/caregivers and babies to share and learn through play. Sensory materials, songs and positive interactions support babies’ social, emotional, physical and cognitive development.

Baby & Me meets on Mondays (excluding holidays) at Bayshore Baptist Church, 3111 W. Morrison Ave., on the 2nd floor and Tuesdays at Champions for Children’s main campus, 3108 W. Azeele St.

Crawlers: 9:00am–10:00am
Pre-Crawlers: 10:30am–11:30am.

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This playgroup targets the developmental domains of cognitive (language, math and more), physical, social and emotional development. Using music, rhymes, stories, and other developmentally appropriate activities, caregivers will be supported while playing and learning with their children.

The following age groupings are offered:

12-18 months

18-24 months

12-24 months

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This playgroup exposes children 24-48 months of age to Spanish and is conducted with a bilingual facilitator. Using play, music, singing, stories, and more, vocabulary is introduced and conversational phrases, modeled. Check out the benefits of language learning.

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This playgroup uses play, music, stories and more to foster toddlers’ growing independence, self-regulation and curiosity during the ‘teachable twos.’

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This playgroup is designed to promote children’s critical thinking, problem solving and creativity through exploration, discovery, and play.

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This playgroup nurtures the development of confidently walking 12-month-olds to children 60 months of age through music and other activities. Music boosts language and literacy development, math knowledge, self-expression and motor skills. A facilitator provides experiences including songs, rhymes, storytelling and more. This is perfect for parents with more than one young child.

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Community Offerings

This group is led by a child development specialist and supports new parents/caregivers and their babies up to 12 months of age. Caregivers will be provided developmental and emotional support as they navigate their baby’s first year of life. Weekly discussions include; understanding baby’s cues, mindful interactions and play, creating safe environments, developmental milestones, emerging language, and more.

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Infants and children up to 6 years old and their parents/caregivers are invited to enjoy the infant and toddler playrooms and the outdoor play space. It’s a great opportunity for socialization and shared experiences in a relaxed environment.

Fridays 10am-12pm

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Led by a child development specialist, discussions will include navigating the Ones and Twos while providing supportive, empathic guidance that builds a strong, secure attachment between a child and parent/caregiver. Discussions will reflect the importance of play and relationships in the early years in support of healthy growth, development and learning.

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Classes & Workshops

This 2-session workshop is led by a certified infant massage instructor who educates parents/caregivers on the techniques and benefits of infant massage for soothing and connecting with your baby.

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This 2-session interactive workshop, led by a facilitator fluent in ASL, teaches parents/caregivers the basics of signing with their children. Signing gives children a foundation for communication while developing their expressive language skills.

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Developmental Checkups

Using the Brookes Publishing Ages and Stages Questionnaires, children between 2 and 66 months of age are eligible for a complimentary developmental checkup. Together, parents and a Developmental Screening Specialist will view a snapshot of your child’s development; noting achievements, milestones or possible concerns which will be addressed early. This screening ensures peace of mind for you and success for your child!

Learn more about your child’s milestones, how to best foster development and available community resources that can support you and your family. Contact our Developmental Screening Specialist, to get more information and to schedule an appointment at 813-673-4646, ext. 1146 or email at

Frequently Asked Questions

Baby Bungalow is for ANY parent or caregiver of ANY child age 0-5 seeking information related to the development of children and strengthening of families. The facility’s unique open-door approach means no referrals are necessary to access the many resources of Baby Bungalow. New and experienced parents can benefit from a wide variety of child-related programs, classes, and enrichment activities.

No. Baby Bungalow strives to promote the strong bonding of families through activities including both parent/caregiver and child. It is not a drop-off care facility.

Registration for playgroups, workshops, and support groups includes a $25 fee that covers all sessions in the series. Developmental screenings and Fun Friday are FREE of charge.

*Your presence and participation are what matters to us. Fees can be waived upon request.

Register for our playgroups and workshops at or call (813) 673-4646 x1147 or x1152 for further assistance. One of our friendly child development specialists will assist you with your playgroup choice and help you with your online enrollment. Your payment is your reservation.

Playgroups are for the registered child(ren) only. Infant siblings who are ‘wearable’ and not yet mobile, are allowed to attend with their older, registered sister or brother. The mixed-age playgroups that can accommodate siblings are Music & More (12-60 months), Little Amigos (24-48 months), and Creative Learning (36-60 months). Each child needs to be registered.

Playgroups and workshops are primarily offered at 3106 West Azeele Street, Tampa, FL 33609

Select playgroups/workshops are offered at 3111 West Morrison Avenue, Tampa, FL 33629 (Bayshore Baptist Church).

Baby Bungalow is funded by the Children’s Board of Hillsborough County and private donations.