Project Description

Education and Support for Fathers and Father-Figures

Providing fatherhood classes, workshops, and support for fathers of all kinds.

Being a nurturing father is critical for a child’s happy, healthy development. FRANC offers special father-specific services to promote positive fatherhood and address the unique challenges and opportunities faced by fathers and father-figures.

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We’ve had to change our programs & services due to COVID-19. Please click here for the latest information before you register.

FRANC Services

FRANC provides education, resources, and support to empower fathers and father-figures to build safe, healthy, nurturing relationships with their children and celebrate the joys of positive fatherhood. FRANC services are for all fathers and father-figures – married, single, divorced, foster, expectant, surrogate, and mentors.

Classes & Workshops

Join our group-based program for developing attitudes and skills that support positive fatherhood. Each cohort consists of 8 to 16 fathers who meet once a week for 2 hours each session. Learn how to build and maintain healthy, positive relationships with your children as well as your co-parent(s), while being supported by other fathers and father-figures who share your challenges and joys.

Class Topics:

  • Session 1 – Roots of Fathering
  • Session 2 – Self Nurturing Skills I
  • Session 3 – Self Nurturing Skills II
  • Session 4 – Feelings & Male Nurturance
  • Session 5 – Fathering Without Fear or Violence
  • Session 6 – Overcoming Barriers to Nurturing Fathering (anger)
  • Session 7 – Discipline – Ages and Stages Development, Part 1
  • Session 8 – Discipline – Ages and Stages Development, Part 2
  • Session 9 – Fathering Sons/Fathering Daughters
  • Session 10 – Teamwork between father and spouse/co parent
  • Session 11 – Balancing work and fathering
  • Session 12 – Healing the father wound
  • Session 13 – Graduation

When classes are at maximum capacity, participants who are referred with a case plan will be prioritized for enrollment. To register, e-mail us at or call (813) 673-4646 x5108.

Attend our unique one-time, four hour workshop that inspires and equips new and expecting fathers and father-figures to become confidently engaged with their infants, support their co-parents, and personally navigate their transformation into parents. “Veteran” parents who have completed the workshop in the past work together with our facilitators to create an open and welcoming experience.

Call (813) 673-4646 x5108 or e-mail to register.

Frequently Asked Questions

Nurturing Dads is currently only available for dads who are enrolling in the class as part of a case plan. Boot Camp for New Dads has no eligibility requirements.

Nurturing Dads is a completely no-cost service. There is a $40 registration fee associated with Boot Camp for New Dads, however if this constitutes a financial burden, please simply reach out to us at or (813) 673-4646 ext 5108 and we will waive the fee.

You can follow the links in the service descriptions above or, if you need assistance, contact us at or (813) 673-4646 ext 5108.
Generally, Nurturing Dads classes are for parents only. There is one session designated for father child interactive opportunities at which children are welcomed and encouraged. If you already have a baby, you are welcome to bring them to Boot Camp for New Dads.
Dads are welcomed and encouraged at every single one of Champions for Children’s programs! Check out our full list of programs or call our Parent Warm Line at 813-673-4646 ext. 7 to find out what may be a good fit for you.

The lead funder of FRANC services is Eckerd Connects. FRANC is also supported by generous private donors in our community.