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In-home support to make your parenting journey safe, happy, and successful from day one.

Being a parent is an important and often difficult job. When you enroll in Healthy Families, you’ll build a special relationship with one of our caring and professional staff. Working together in the comfort of your own home throughout your child’s early years, you’ll gain all the tools and skills you need to give your child a great start and a bright future.

Healthy Families Services

Healthy Families is a home visiting program that offers child development and parenting educational tools, knowledge, and resources from the earliest days of your child’s life to ensure a safe, happy, and healthy childhood. Healthy Families promotes positive parent-child relationships.

As a participant in Healthy Families, you will form a special one-on-one relationship with one of our warm, caring, and professional staff. At each visit, your Family Support Specialist will provide information on your child’s growth and development; healthy ways of dealing with everyday stress; help setting and achieving personal and family goals; positive parenting and discipline skills; and connections to community services. They will be there to hear your concerns and questions and help you address them with confidence so that you can focus on being the best parent you can be for your child.

Eligibility requirements apply. Please scroll down to the FAQs to learn more.

For more information and to enroll in Healthy Families, call (813) 673-4646 ext. 5201 or 5202 or e-mail

Frequently Asked Questions

In order to enroll in Healthy Families, you must be a family living in Hillsborough County; and must be pregnant or with a child under the age of 3 months. Additionally, families must meet certain risk factors in order to enroll. To determine if you are eligible, please contact us directly. Once you are enrolled, you can stay enrolled until your child turns 5 years old.

If you do not meet these requirements for enrollment but are still interested in home visiting services, check out our Parents as Teachers program.

No, Healthy Families is completely free for all participating families.

To enroll in Healthy Families, call (813) 673-4646 ext. 5201 or 5202 or e-mail; or Community referrals:

Once you establish a relationship with your Family Support Specialist, they will visit you weekly for at least the first 6 months at a regularly set time that works for you. When your child is at that toddlers stage, visits decrease to every 2 weeks. When the child is between 3-5 years, visits are every month and decrease over time to every 3 months.

However, this is just a typical schedule and visit frequency can and does vary based on the individual circumstances of each family.