Thank you for your interest in raising funds to support the children and families we serve at Champions for Children (CFC). Our ongoing success is enhanced by the initiative of supporters like YOU! We are grateful for your desire to help further our mission of building stronger families, with safe and thriving children, through child abuse prevention and family education programs. Your thoughtful support is essential, and it means the world to us. 

No matter if you’ve previously coordinated fundraising events or if this is your first time, this toolkit is designed to help make your event a great success! In this packet, you will find tips and resources to make planning your fundraiser as easy as possible, including tips on how to get started, general event ideas, and an event checklist. It also includes some CFC “talking points” and promotional ideas, helpful “FAQs”, and the terms and conditions for hosting an event to benefit CFC. 

We encourage you to use a few of our ideas and suggestions and make them your own– your event is unique! Whether you start with something simple and easy-to-plan or something ambitious, our hope is that this toolkit will help make it easy and fun to support CFC. 

Click here to download the toolkit.

Champions for Children - 3rd Party Fundraising Toolkit