Congratulations, Regina!

New National Baby Café USA Board Member

Congratulations are in order for our ABC Program Manager, Regina Roig-Romero MPH, IBCLC. Regina is now a member of the National Baby Café USA Board of Directors! Since joining Champions in 2021, Regina has been a part of our expansion to 5 Baby Café locations throughout Hillsborough County. 

I wanted to join the Baby Café USA board of directors for a couple of reasons. First, the Baby Café model of care is central to how we provide lactation care here at Champions; we have 5 Baby Cafés in Hillsborough County, more than any other community in the state. So the strength and future of Baby Café USA is key to the continuation of what we do here at Champions. Secondly, I have previously served on another board of directors and truly enjoyed the experience; I find it fascinating to try to come to consensus with a group of varied professionals, each with their own perspectives on how to solve an organization’s problems. I learned much from my past board work and hope to do so again with Baby Café USA.

Evidence is clear that breastfeeding has a significant impact on the lifelong health of babies, including promoting proper development and secure attachment, reducing the incidence and severity of common illnesses, and protecting against abuse and neglect. This is one of the many reasons Champions provides education and support to families who are expecting a child or recently welcomed a new child into their life. Our Internationally Board-Certified Lactation Consultants are here to support infant feeding goals and help manage any infant feeding challenges.

We are excited for the ideas Regina will bring to the Board of Baby Café USA. She would like to see the expansion of more Baby Cafés throughout the country and for Baby Café to earn new funding to expand and modernize its infrastructure and systems.

It means a lot to me to be a member of the board. It connects me to breastfeeding promotion on a national level, which is something I enjoy and which I believe is important; I love meeting and working with leaders in my field. I also feel very honored to have been asked to join this board.

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